Why Use Filtered Connectors

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Filters are can be a “planned” addition to an electronic package or, as frequently occurs, added after a problem has been discovered

  • Easiest permanent EMI/EMP solution – designed to strip off conducted EMI before it passes through the device.
  • Variable capacitance from 500 pf to 50,000 pf
  • Small package size – doesn’t consume PCB real estate.
  • Can easily replace existing non-filtered connector.
  • Mates with standard connectors – 5015, 26482, 38999, 24308, 83723, 26500, 83513, Mighty Mouse, ARINC, etc.
  • Moves filtering away from sensitive board electronics when a signal “barrier” is needed in a system.
  • Can shunt an unwanted electrical surge fast {1X10^-9}
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