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As a franchised distributor for Spectrum Control and Glenair , BTC supplies filter connectors in the following electrical configurations: C, L-C, C-L, and Pi. The following general values may be used in type selection: Single element filter connectors sporting either a single capacitor or inductor yield an insertion loss characteristic of 20dB per decade, dual element filters (capacitor plus an inductor) 40dB per decade, and triple element filters 60dB per decade. Selection is based primarily on source and load impedances but may also be influenced by the level of attenuation required at various frequencies. Please contact BTC for assistance in evaluating insertion loss values. 

Common Filter Connector Types

C Circuit Filter 

Single capacitor with low self inductance. This configuration is generally used to attenuate high frequency signals. The simple design allows high-frequency EMI to discharge to ground via the surrounding electromagnetic field

 L-C or C-L Circuit Filter

Single capacitor combined with an inductive element. It is commonly used in a circuit with a both a low impedance source and a high impedance load or a low impedance load and a high impedance source. The inductive element should face the low impedance.

Pi Circuit Filter

Dual capacitors with a single inductive element positioned between them. The Pi filter offers exceptional high-frequency performance due to its sharper rolloff and is typically used when both source and load impedances are high.

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