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For over 30 years, BTC has built on our reputation on being connector experts ... it's what we're great at. Unlike many broad line distributors we know what we sell and can find the right commercial connector for your application. We have the ability to provide the right interconnect solution into a broad range of markets, covering traditional connectors through the newest, state-of-the-art technical products.

As a premier connector supplier, BTC offers a wide array of cylindrical connectors and special products for large commercial aircraft. With a multi-million dollar inventory, BTC has the right commercial interconnect solution for your application. Contact us now and one of our experts will work with you to find the right connector for your application.

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Product Name                   
DDK Ltd. - Clamp - DMS3057-10A
DDK Ltd. - Backshell - DMS3057-10A(D240)
DDK Ltd. - Clamp - DMS3057-10AK
DDK Ltd. - Clamp - DMS3057-12A
DDK Ltd. - Clamp - DMS3057-12AK
DDK Ltd. - Clamp - DMS3057-12AK(D235)
DDK Ltd. - Clamp - DMS3057-16A
DDK Ltd. - Backshell - DMS3057-20AK
DDK Ltd. - Backshell - DMS3057-24AK
DDK Ltd. - Clamp - DMS3057-4A
DDK Ltd. - Backshell - DMS3057-4A(D235)
DDK Ltd. - Cable Clamp - DMS3057-4AK
DDK Ltd. - Cable Clamp - DMS3057-6AK
DDK Ltd. - Clamp - DMS3057-8A
DDK Ltd. - SHELL - DMS3100A12S
DDK Ltd. - SHELL - DMS3100A14S
DDK Ltd. - SHELL - DMS3100A16
DDK Ltd. - SHELL - DMS3100A16S
DDK Ltd. - SHELL - DMS3100A18
DDK Ltd. - SHELL - DMS3100A20
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