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Asset Protection, Safety and Enhanced Inventory Management


Simply put, the industrial market has the most new technology. Today we have such emerging technologies as automated meter readers, asset tracking, autonomous mining and much more.

In development is PTC. U.S. Class One Railroads and the Association of American Railroads (AAR) have been working on the development of a new train monitoring, control and safety shield concept called Positive Train Control (PTC). Four U.S. Class One railroads started to work towards a unified, interoperable concept. It will consist of a PTC system providing a monitoring, control, and safety overlay above existing train signaling and control systems. This system will communicate with and monitor trains and high-rail vehicles as they move. It will determine their exact position and speed at any time, using specialized software in fault-tolerant network operations centers to monitor multiple simultaneous train operations. Events including conflicts, loss of separation between trains, operation outside established limits and excessive speed will result in immediate action to avoid potential accidents.


Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the use of a wireless non-contact system that uses radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data from a tag attached to an object, for the purposes of automatic identification and tracking. The tag contains electronically stored information which may be read from up to several meters (yards) away. Unlike a bar code, the tag does not need to be within line of sight of the reader and may be embedded in the tracked object. An RFID tag attached to an automobile during production can be used to track its progress through the assembly line. Pharmaceuticals can be tracked through warehouses. Livestock and pets may have tags injected, allowing positive identification of the animal. The RFID revolution is just starting. Imagine a world where you no longer need to stand on line at the grocery store . Because the RFID tags are instantly read and a separate ID tag reads your payment information. RFID is seeing significance advancements in the medical field as well. Through patient monitoring .

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