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Increased Bandwidth for Higher Resolution Video Signal Transmission

For the 2012 Olympics the NBC network utilized RF cameras throughout the event.  A total of eight HDC-2400L camera heads were configured as RF handheld cameras, four systems at the Gymnastics venue, two at the Aquatics venue and two at the main Olympic stadium for Athletics. For the opening and closing ceremonies, NBC increased the RF camera count at the main Olympic stadium to four systems. RF cameras at these venues were utilized because the sports federations prefer them to cameras with cables and the associated cable pullers. The space around the field of play is crowded with athletes and officials, so they try to minimize the number of people and trip hazards, so as not to interfere and/or cause safety issues for the participants.

RF Connector Broadcast Uses

  • Full HD
  • 3D HD
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Mobile Studio

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