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Mil-C-24308 D-Sub Rectangular Hermetic Connectors

Rack & Panel D-Subminature Hermetic Connectors are manufactured to the requirements of Mil-C-24308/9. These Hermetic Rectangular Connectors are standard cold rolled or stainless steel body material and come with #52 alloy gold plated contacts. While other finishes are available, the standard finish is electro-tin fused and the insulator is made of a compression sealed glass.

The ideal use for these connectors is in electronic and electrical equipment, for commercial and defense, airborne, ground support or shipboard systems. The size and weight lends the connector to various applications and the D shape ensures a positive polarization.

As a franchised/authorized distributor for Glasseal, BTC can offer Mil-C-24308/9 Rack & Panel D-Sub Hermetic Connectors with the highest quality and delivery in the industry. Just click here to download the product specifications or contact us today and our experts will work with you to find the right hermetic for your application.