• MIIL-PRF-55339
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BTC is a franchised, stocking distributor of Delta Electronics. They manufacture MIL-PRF-55339 QPL adapters. View the Mil 55339 (and Mil 39012) military connector and adapter catalog by clicking here.


M55339 BNC Adapters within series

  • M55339/13-00492 Bulkhead mounted jack-jack, hermetically sealed
  • M55339/14-00306 Right angle jack-plug
  • M55339/15-00491 Straight plug-plug
  • M55339/16-00914 Straight jack-jack
  • M55339/17-00001 Tee, jack-jack-plug
  • M55339/17-00002 Tee, jack-jack-jack
  • M55339/17-00274 Tee, jack-plug-jack

M55339 N Adapters within series

  • M55339/03-00027 Right angle jack-plug
  • M55339/04-00030 Bulkhead mounted jack-jack, hermetically sealed
  • M55339/05-00057 Straight plug-plug
  • M55339/06-00001 Tee, jack-plug-jack
  • M55339/06-00028 Tee, jack-jack-jack
  • M55339/07-00029 Straight jack-jack

M55339 Adapters between series

  • M55339/01-00001 BNC jack-N jack
  • M55339/18-01034 BNC plug-N plug
  • M55339/20-00201 BNC jack-N plug
  • M55339/24-00335 BNC plug-N jack, panel-mounted
  • M55339/25-00606 BNC jack-N jack, bulkhead-mounted, pressurized
  • M55339/49-00349 BNC plug-N jack

If you don't see what you need, you need second sourcing or assistance with a design, please call BTC at 1-800-526-2828 or contact us online and send us a drawing. We have an engineer on staff for design assistance.

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