Glenair began operations in 1956 as the first company specifically founded to produce electrical connector accessories. Glenair now offers a full-spectrum product line to meet every interconnect requirement including Mighty Mouse Connectors and the world's largest selection of backshells.

Glenair, inc is a privately-held company whose strengths include ISO 9001 process quality, full-spectrum product lines, fast "turnaround" on quotes and custom orders, unsurpassed sales and technical support in every major market in the world, and the industry's largest standing inventory of commercial and Mil-Spec electrical connector accessories.

Located in Glendale, California, our connectors, backshells and interconnect cable assemblies are all made either in America or in our facilities in Mansfield, England or Bologna, Italy. With so many interconnect manufacturers moving their production operations to Estonia, Mexico, India, China and elsewhere, Glenair is proud to continue our long-standing tradition of making our products in quality controlled plants here in the USA, or in the case of selected connector products, in Western Europe.

As a franchised/authorized distributor of Glenair connectors, BTC can leverage its process quality and full-spectrum product lines with a fast turnaround time to ensure our customers have the connector they need… when they need it. Just contact us today for Glenair pricing!

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