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Filtered Connectors

Electromagnetic interference or pulse (EMI/EMP) is an unwanted signal that is either radiated or conducted to susceptible equipment and interferes with the performance of that equipment. The effect of EM/EMPI can vary from static to a complete malfunction of a navigation system. 

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements have been established to insure that the performance of an individual electronic device is not degraded due to its proximity to high-frequency electromagnetic interference, and also to prevent the device itself from becoming a potential source of EMI. Sensitive electronic devices also need to be protected from voltage spikes generated during transient states or static discharges in the overall system.
Filtered connectors “strip off” unwanted noise or transient voltages from the signal.  Filtered connectors are typically custom products with limitless variations in capacitance per line and virtually any connector type can be outfitted with filtering technology. If you have an existing EMI/RFI issue, Quell can design a solution for your application in one day!
Designing interconnect systems which deliver clean data streams, undistorted by EMI/EMP is a challenge. However; BTC is a franchised distributor for leading filter connector manufacturers like Glenair.  Our team of experts provide world-class technical support, and a wealth of experience and knowledge that will allow us to design and build a custom connector for your application.  
Each connector series is offered with standard low-pass Pi or C filter arrays, or with customized filters to meet specific frequency and capacitance requirements. Thermally conductive epoxy protects the filter package from mechanical and heat stress and also provides a waterproof seal. All filtered receptacles are intermateable with standard plugs and connector savers, and each respective family of connectors is supplied with a range of shell styles in both environmental and hermetic configurations.
BTC can provide custom EMI or RFI specialty and filtered connectors used in military and high reliability applications in almost any style including these:
  • MIL-DTL-38999
  • MIL-DTL-83723
  • MIL-DTL-26482
  • MIL-DTL-55116
  • MIL-DTL-24308
  • Tubular and planar filtered arrays in Pi, LC, T and C circuits with TVS protection

Benefits of Filtered Connectors

  • Component Reduction
  • Filtered connectors create cost savings by lowering component count
  • Consistent Performance
  • Filtered connectors provide consistent pin-to-pin performance
  • Low Ground Impedance
  • Full ground plate and metallic shell provide minimal impedance and superior performance compared to on-board filter with high impedance
  • Eliminate Re-Radiation
  • Filtered connector at interface offers no path for bypassing the filter
  • Ground Plane Shielding
  • Filtered connector ground planes shield the box even at the connector port
  • Smaller Footprint on PCB
  • Filters located in connector provides additional space on PCB board
  • Reliability
  • Our franchised/authorized manufacturers test 100% of filters, on-board filters are usually spot tested
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Radiall - Connector - DSXE2PGS57SS45S-0215
Radiall - ARINC Connector - DSXE2PS67SS67S7301
Radiall - ARINC Connector - DSXE2PS67SSD8S7301
Radiall - Connector - DSXE2RX26PS106S2301
Radiall - Connector - DSXN1PS106P0002
Radiall - ARINC Connector - DSXN2PS106PS106P0001
Radiall - ARINC Connector - DSXN2PS106PS106P0002
Radiall - ARINC Connector - DSXN2PS106PS106P0014
Radiall - RM2P106P106P0014200 ARINC - DSXN2PS106PS106P7314
Radiall - RM2P106P106P0015200 ARINC - DSXN2PS106PS106P7315
Radiall - RM2P106P33C4P0001200 ARINC - DSXN2PS106PS33C4P7301
Radiall - ARINC Connector - DSXN2PS67SS67S0001
Radiall - RM2P67S67S0001200 ARINC - DSXN2PS67SS67S7301
Radiall - ARINC Connector - DSXN2PS67SX26S0022
Radiall - Connector - DSXN2RS67PS67P00
Radiall - ARINC Connector - DSXN2RX106SX106S0101
Radiall - ARINC Connector - DSXT1RS106S0002
Radiall - ARINC Connector - DSXT1RS106S0100
Radiall - ARINC Connector - DSXT2RS106SS106S0001
Radiall - ARINC Connector - DSXT2RS106SS106S0002
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