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The Series 80 "Mighty Mouse" Connector offers virtually equal performance to MIL-DTL-38999 Series interconnects in a lightweight, ultraminiature design. Designed to meet stringent aerospace performance requirements, these connectors are offered with standard low pass Pi or C filter arrays, or with customized filters to meet your specific needs. Thermally conductive epoxy protects the filter package from mechanical and heat stress. These filtered receptacles mate to standard Series 80 plugs and are available in jam nut or square flange versions. Now available with size #16 and size #12 contacts.

As a franchised/authorized Glenair distributor, BTC stocks these ultraminiature connectors that serve in a wide range of safety-critical military, medical, industrial and geophysical applications. BTC distributes a wide range of Mighty Mouse connectors and accessories:

 Series 824 Might Mouse Locking Push-Pull Connectors 


Mighty Mouse Series 800 UNF Threaded Coupling Connector

Series 800 connectors are intended for light and medium-duty applications where size, weight, and cost outweigh the need for heavier-duty Series 80 versions. Terminate shielded cable directly to the integral band platform for outstanding EMI protection. Originally used for aerospace sensors, these Series 800 connectors have proved to be a good solution for small form factor tactical equipment including keyboards, radios, ruggedized RPDA's and other dismounted soldier equipment. These connectors meet the requirements of MIL-STD-810 for immersion, vibration, sand and dust, shock, and corrosion resistance. View the data sheets by clicking on the links below.

Mighty Mouse Series 801 Heavy Duty Double-Start ACME Threads

Glenair's Series 801 "Mighty Mouse" offers mil-spec performance in a lightweight, ultraminiature package and is ideal for use in high-density packaging applications where traditional military circular connectors are too large or too heavy. The double-start threads provide full mating in 1 ½ turns, and the plug features an anti-decoupling spring for vibration resistance. The unique integral molding/band platform allows direct shield attachment and cable overmolding. Receptacles are available with printed circuit board contacts. View the data sheets by clicking on the links below.

Aqua Mouse Series 802 Submersible 3500 PSI Connectors

Series 802 connectors withstand exposure to corrosive environments and high pressure. These connectors feature high-density crimp Mighty Mouse inserts, 316 stainless steel housings, and a piston o-ring. Heavy gold-plated contacts accept #12-30 AWG wire. Corrosion-resistant nickel-aluminum-bronze coupling nuts resist galling. View the data sheets by clicking on the links below.

Mighty Mouse Bayonet Series 803 ¼ Turn

Series 803 offers ¼ turn locking, rugged design and ultraminiature size making it ideal for tactical handheld radios, sensors, test equipment, and autosport equipment. Key features are small size, lightweight, environmental protection, and crimp-and poke contacts. These features make the Series 803 Bayonet connector suitable for a wide range of quick-disconnect applications. Fluorosilicone seals resist most chemicals and provide splash protection. Not rated for water immersion. View the data sheets by clicking on the links below.

Series 804 "Mighty Mouse" Quick-Disconnect (QDC) Connectors

Ideal for breakaway connections, the Series 804 QDC connector features a stainless steel spring in the receptacle and a detent on the plug body. Used for headsets, radios, weapons and other applications, the QDC Mighty Mouse meets immersion requirements and provides excellent durability. The gold-plated spring provides low shell-to-shell resistance for excellent EMI shielding. A fluorosilicone o-ring provides a watertight seal when mated. View the data sheets by clicking on the links below.

Series 805 "Mighty Mouse" Triple-Start

The Series 805 connector was developed to provide several performance enhancements compared to other "Mighty Mouse" versions. A ratchet mechanism in the coupling nut prevents de-mating under severe vibration. EMI performance is improved with a serpentine ground spring on the plug barrel. This nickel-plated beryllium copper spring assures low shell-to-shell resistance. The Series 805, although larger than other Series 80 versions, saves size and weight compared to MIL-DTL-38999 connectors with no compromise in performance. View the data sheets by clicking on the links below.

Series 80 "Mighty Mouse" Contacts and Tools


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