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Military connectors (mil-spec connectors) offer superior performance and reliability characteristics. Designed to work in extreme environmental conditions, these connectors are used throughout the defense industry (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines). The aerospace industry also relies on these mil-spec connectors for their mission-critical applications. They are also used in a variety of commercial tasks.

BTC is certified to MIL-SPEC-790 by the Defense Supply Center Columbus as a Class C assembly facility. BTC stocks the components and can assemble more than one million part numbers to the desired specifications. We have hermetically sealed and environmental connectors. We currently stock connectors that meet more than 55 different MIL-SPECs.

Our certifications - including the first connector distributor to earn AS9100 Rev C Certification - assure you of our commitment to continuous quality improvement and customer satisfaction. BTC meets or exceeds the requirements of the prime aerospace and defense contractors. Below you will find a description of some of the military connectors we offer, or you can click here for a full list of common MIL-SPECs and designations that BTC stocks.

Mil-Spec Circular Connectors

Mil-Spec circular connectors and accessories are typically utilized in military hardware and military aeronautics. Typical applications include use for engine designs, power, and high vibration. Learn more about our more popular series by clicking on the link below.

Circular Hermetically Sealed Connectors

BTC maintains a multi-million dollar inventory of standard QPL'd hermetic connectors. Most items can ship within one day from BTC and we also value-add, can make modifications including special shell dimensions, modified contact terminations, and specific plating finishes.

Mil-Spec RF Connectors

Typically used in military equipment applications, general electronic testing equipment, and aviation, radio frequency (RF) connectors are specialized devices used to terminate and interconnect coaxial cables that transmit high-frequency signals.

Rectangular Mil-Spec Connectors

Multi-pin D-Sub rectangular connectors are utilized when real estate is at a premium. Rectangular power connectors don't offer as much environmental protection as circular connectors with typical applications including high vibrations and engine design.

Fiber Optic Mil-Spec Connectors

Military connectors for communications systems are based on fiber optic interconnect technology. Below you will find some of the global standards in the military marketplace.

BTC is a franchised/authorized, value-added assembly, stocking distributor for several military connector manufacturers including Sealtron and Conesys / Aero. For more information about mil-spec connectors, please contact the connector experts at BTC by clicking here. Our team will help you find the right interconnect product for your application.

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