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Communications, Force Protection and Intelligence on the Battlefield


The battlefield of today is high tech in their communications and weaponry ... and all about pinpoint accuracy to preserve human life.

IED suppression is a life-saving technology used throughout the military as a defense against remote triggered bombs.

Sensors to detect IEDs must operate in environments with high amounts of RF interference, and they must process information quickly to provide ample warning. BTC's franchised manufacturers ' are applying their sensor technology experience in measuring frequencies, characterizing electronic devices, and building receiver systems for IED detection that can meet those demands. During the past year, they have advanced a highly sensitive, unattended ground-based sensor to provide tactical intelligence and early warning of RF trigger devices for IEDs. The Army is currently assessing a prototype system.


Non-traditional RF/microwave military application is in the growing area of directed-energy weapons. Currently the military is learning more about the potential of psychotronic weapons. These electromagnetic (EM) weapons interact with a target's nervous system. This new generation of EM-based weapons is being touted as "non-lethal" weapons as part of a future "kinder, gentler" military force. It also has possible use in crowd control.


RF Connector Defense Market Sectors

  • IED Suppression
  • Missiles
  • Vehicles
  • UAV
  • Airborne Radar Systems
  • Tactical Radios


Franchised RF Connector Manufacturers

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