• MIL-PRF-39012 Connectors
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BTC is a franchised, stocking distributor of Delta Electronics who manufactures MIL-PRF-39012 QPL connectors. These connectors and adapters meet or exceed all requirements of Mil-PRF-39012 and MIL-PRF-55339.

Delta offers almost 200 types of mil-spec connectors in BNC, N, SMA and TNC Series. View the M39012 connector catalog by clicking here.

BNC Series

  • M39012/16 Straight cable plugs
  • M39012/17 Straight cable jacks
  • M39012/18 Panel cable jacks
  • M39012/19 Bulkhead cable jacks
  • M39012/20 Right angle cable plugs
  • M39012/21 Bulkhead jack receptacles
  • M39012/22 Panel jack receptacles
  • M39012/24 Bulkhead jack receptacles, hermetically sealed
  • M39012/25 Dust caps

N Series

  • M39012/01 Straight cable plugs
  • M39012/02 Straight cable jacks
  • M39012/02 Panel cable jacks
  • M39012/03 Bulkhead cable jacks
  • M39012/04 Panel jack receptacles
  • M39012/05 Right angle cable plugs
  • M39012/25 Dust caps

SMA Series

  • M39012/25 Dust caps
  • M39012/55 Straight cable plugs
  • M39012/56 Right angle cable plugs
  • M39012/57 Straight cable jacks
  • M39012/58 Panel cable jacks
  • M39012/59 Bulkhead cable jacks
  • M39012/60 Panel jack receptacles
  • M39012/61 Bulkhead jack receptacles

TNC Series

  • M39012/25 Dust caps
  • M39012/26 Straight cable plugs
  • M39012/27 Straight cable jacks
  • M39012/28 Bulkhead cable jacks
  • M39012/29 Panel cable jacks
  • M39012/31 Bulkhead jack receptacles
  • M39012/32 Panel jack receptacles
  • M39012/34 Bulkhead jack receptacles, hermetically sealed
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