• Fiber Optic Termani

A terminus is a device used to terminate, hold, and position an optical fiber within a connector, and termini refers to more than one. The MIL-T-29504 (M29504) is a military specification for termini and is qualified to MIL-PRF-29504B specifications. This series of fiber optic termini offers outstanding optical and mechanical performance and is compatible with M28876 and comparable to other military connectors.

These connectors are meticulousness in their design and engineering, allowing the ring or cap to press-fit and bottom out within the terminus bodies. Through strict tolerance management, it offers better overall performance under harsh environment by ensuring a tight fit. In addition, M29504 Termini features a ceramic alignment sleeve maximizing its capacity to hold exceptionally tight dimensional tolerances while maintaining pinpoint concentricity, while providing unparalleled optical and mechanical performance.

The MIL-T-29504 fiber optic termini can be found in a number of harsh environment applications such as mission-critical combat and communication systems, electronic battlefield network, US Navy shipboard, surface and submarine and much more. BTC offers the following:

M29504/5 181-001 Fiber Optic Socket Terminus
M29504/4 181-002 Fiber Optic Pin Terminus
M29504/4 &/5 181-048 Fiber Optic Dummy Pin Terminus
M29504/15 181-040 Front Release Socket Terminus
M29504/14 181-039 Front Release Pin Terminus
M29504/03 181-051 Dummy Terminus
NGCON 181-043 Rear Release Genderless Terminus
M29504/16 181-050 GFOCA Genderless Terminus
  181-011 Fiber Optic Socket Terminus
  181-012 Fiber Optic Pin Terminus
M29504/4 & /5 187-017 Fiber Optic Termination Kit
  187-018 Fiber Optic Termination Kit

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