• Connector Adapters

A backshell is used to shield the wire connection points of the interconnecting cable and the connector. In some instances, a backshell will include a cable clamp to secure the cable to the backshell and connector. The length of the cable clamp varies with the connector and the number of wires the connector accepts, with more wires resulting in a larger backshell. A grommet may be supplied which needs to be sized to the outside diameter of the cable. In some cases, the backshell may only consist of threaded strain relief. Simple, straight backshells provide the thread for adapters or extenders behind the connector.

Backshells may also be purchased as a 90° Backshell or 45° Backshell, with EMI or Environmental protecting and BTC distributes a wide array of backshells and adapters, just click on the link below to learn more.

BTC offers a broad range of connector accessories and backshells from premium manufacturers like Glenair, Amphenol PCD, and Electro Adaptor. To find the right backshell for your requirements, just contact us, and one of our team members will assist.

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