D38999 Series II Part Numbers

D38999 Series II (MIL-DTL-38999 Series II) are subminiature circular connectors that feature a bayonet coupling mechanism.   The D38999 Series II connectors have with lower profile design and rear-removable crimp contact retention and were designed for applications in which lighter weight and lower profile are required. Typically, there are used in military and commercial application. BTC stocks the following:
  • MS27472 Front Wall Mount Receptacle
  • MS27497 Rear Wall Mount Receptacle
  • MS27499 Front Box Mount Receptacle
  • MS27508 Rear Box Mount Receptacle
  • MS27513 Front Box Mount Receptacle, Long Grommet
  • MS27474 Jam Nut Receptacle
  • MS27473 Straight Plug
  • MS27484 RFI Grounding Plug
  • MS27500 Plug with 90° Clamp
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