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Rectangular Connectors

BTC offers a broad range of connector options within the rectangular connector family. A variety of contact terminations, connector accessories, performance levels and package sizes are available at competitive prices. They are certified to the following:

BTC is a franchised/authorized distributor for several rectangular connector companies; including Ametek Electronic Interconnect and Packaging Companies Glasseal and Hermetic Seal. They manufacture D-Subminiature, Rack & Panel and Micro-D Subminiature connectors. We have the capability to manufacture to the above mil-spec standards, as well as produce customized products.

Ready to get started? Just contact the connector experts at BTC by clicking here. Our team will help you find the right printed rectangular connector for your application.

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AB Connector - Connector - AB0560000833SN59
AB Connector - Tool - ABBBTST751
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