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  • SB-ORD Connector

SB-ORD Intervehicle connectors fully conform to NATO approved standards and provide a quick, foolproof method of restarting electrically disabled military vehicles in the field through a vehicle-to-vehicle battery jumper system where a 1000 amp maximum current rating is required.

Intervehicle connectors are capable of withstanding severe battle environments and are of a single piece, rubber molded construction impervious to engine fuel and lubricants, shockproof and dirt proof through the use of tight seal protective caps. An SB-ORD intervehicle adaptor is available for interfacing between the previously accepted system of paralleling two lengths of cable with two connectors each and NATO single twin cable and coaxial contact system.

 ORD Series Fast Facts 

Intervehicle Part Numbers

Description AB Part No. FV No. NATO Stock No. US Army Ordnance No.
Intervehicle free plug (solder) SB-ORD 102 FV564833 5935998022423  
Intervehicle free plug (crimp) SB-ORD 102/C FV564883 5935005670128 11682338
Terminal for free plug SB-ORD 110 FV627972    
Gland nut for SB-ORD 277 SB-ORD 213 FV634732    
Cap for Fixed SB-ORD 277 /759 /242 SB-ORD 215 FV627966 5935998028442  
Terminal lug for 102C / 233 / 277 SB-ORD 224/A/B/C/D FV620744/5/6/7    
Intervehicle fixed socket SB-ORD 233 FV564836 5935996349482  
Cap for free SB-ORD 102 & 102C SB-ORD 237 FV627932    
Fixed socket insulated without return socket SB-ORD 242 -    
Fixed socket assembly SB-ORD 273 - 5935997344019  
Fixed box mount insulated starter socket SB-ORD 277 FV634272 5935998098706  
Insulated fixed socket SB-ORD 759 FV63400 5935010129820 116823450
Fixed 4 hole mounting SB-ORD 954 -   11682345
Intervehicle free plug- short SB-ORD 996 -    
Free intervehicle -short SB-ORD 1000 -    
Free intervehicle - short SB-ORD 1013 -    
Slave start harness AB-ORD 921.006/015/030 FV3242844/5/6    

For more information about SB-ORD Intervehicle connectors, please view the TT Electronics/AB Connector product data sheet by clicking here or simply contact us and a member of the BTC team will contact you shortly.

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