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Hermetic Connectors provide a vacuum or leak-tight seal, insulate or channel electricity, and prevent the ingress of contaminants. They are made of ceramic, glass, or metal materials and joined in a specific configuration by furnace brazing. Common types of hermetic seals include metal-to-metal seals, ceramic-to-metal seals, and glass-to-metal-seals.

Extreme applications need electronic components that perform impeccably and retain their original properties, no matter the environment. BTC Electronic Components has the largest inventory of hermetic connectors in North America. If you need a hermetically sealed Connector, we are your one-stop-shop. We have the right hermetic connector that can stand up to the limits and stress for your application.

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Hermetic Connector Markets & Applications

Military Aerospace and Defense – Control, Measuring & Sensing Systems for:                    
• Guidance, Navigation, Fuel, Hydraulic, Speed, Position, Tilt, Braking, Microwave, Engine, Missile launch

Oil field Services & Geophysical - Control, Measuring & Sensing Systems for:  
•Drill Head monitoring, Pressure, Fluid, Position, Tilt, HTHP Bulkheads , Power Generation, instrumentation

Industrial & Instrumentation - Control, Measuring & Sensing Systems for:  
•Pressure, Temperature, Speed, Position, Tilt, Fluids, Vacuum, Radiation, Power Generation

Transportation – Control Measuring & Sensing Systems for:
•Temperature, Speed, Position, Tilt

Medical - Control, Measuring & Sensing Systems for:  
• Blood analysis, Fluids, Endoscopic Surgery, Implants, Laser technology


• High Pressures up to 65,000 psi
• Temperature ranges from -325 F to greater than 1000 F
• Leak rates of 1x10 -11 cc/sec helium at one atmosphere differential
• Extensive Range of QPL circular & D-Sub connectors to the military specifications 
• Broad range of products to other international standards – EN2997/ESC
• Sealing in exothermic, Argon, Nitrogen and Hydrogen atmospheres
• Manufactured bodies in standard materials – Cold Rolled Steel, Stainless Steel, Kovar and specialty metals such as Inconel, Monel, Molybdenum, and Titanium
• Electrodes in 52 Alloy, Kovar, Stainless Steel, and Inconel, and Chromel/Alumel, & Iron/Constantin for
thermocouple applications

For more info, view our Hermetic Connectors Fast Facts by clicking here. 

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