Quell has been committed to providing top-quality EMI/RFI filters for a wide variety of connectors for over 20 years. With their patented silicone rubber electronics packaging technology, EESeal® has solved EMI problems for customers worldwide. Quell Corporation designs and manufactures MI/RFI and transient protection solutions specific to a customer’s applications and products.

Many customers who use EESeal® have just failed EMI testing and are under tremendous pressure to find a solution NOW. Make your standard connector an EMI/RFI Filtered Connector in seconds, with EESeal! View EESeal Brochure

Benefits of EESeal® Filter Seals:

>Easy to install and remove in the field by non-expert personnel with no special tools
>Virtually “invisible” once installed - they look like a normal part of a connector
>Maintains environmental seal of the host connector
>Adapts to real-world variations & stress commonly associated with connectors and connector pins (bent pins, severe shock & vibration, rough handling, etc.)
>Rugged design proven via Mil-Std & FAA/DO-160C environmental stress testing
>Extremely low weight
>Filter can be designed/modified very late in the design process

Case Study: Mil Vehicle Passes RE102 EMC Test with Help of EESeal!

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