Meritec, an electronic connector and cable assembly division of Ohio Associated Enterprises, LLC, was founded in 1966. Over the decades, Meritec has established itself in the global high-speed and electronic interconnect industry. Formally part of AP Products Inc., the company's origins can be traced back to IC Test Clips. Used by technicians for testing various sized integrated circuit packages, these small, insert molded devices were cutting edge to a growing industry. The test clips were followed by a line of solderless electronic breadboards also used by technicians and engineers to prototype new circuits. It too became very successful, and numerous other product lines and thousands of part numbers followed. The Company's internal ability to design, tool, build and sell products that solve significant problems for customers quickly lead to growth into electronic connectors and cable assemblies in the 1970s.

In 1989 the Meritec division was established located in Painesville, Ohio and consolidated its resources primarily to address solving significant problems customers were and are experiencing in the high-frequency high performance and tight contact pitch applications. Then, in 1999, Joy Signal Technology, LLC located in Chico, California. Joy became a Meritec sister company and is a leading supplier of interconnection products primarily sold to the Automated Test Equipment (ATE) industry.

Meritec has over 150 patents and, over more than 45 years, earned the reputation of a premier supplier of a wide variety of high quality, high-performance connectors, cable assemblies, adapters, sockets, and custom solutions to Customer's problems.

BTC distributes the full range of Meritec products including Hercules, VPX+ Backplane Cabling System, 2mm HMA, flash memory sockets, PCI Express and Flat Flex Cabling. For more information, click the Contact Us button above.

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