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BTC offers customers best in class mil-spec technical support as part of our continuous commitment to service. Our on-site engineers can provide you with our expertise on product design and identification. Our experts can refine your design to reduce your manufacturing costs or review of your drawings and suggest alternative parts or connector modification.

Here are some of the technical support services you can expect from BTC:

Drawing Review

BTC has engineers on site who can review customer drawings or specifications to ensure that the product or design will meet all of the customer's requirements. BTC can also offer alternative parts, cross referencing, connector modifications or technical assistance as needed.

Second Sourcing

In the electronics industry, a second source is a company that is licensed to manufacture and sell components originally designed by another company (the first source).

It is common for engineers and purchasers to avoid components that are only available from a single source, to avoid the risk that a problem with the supplier would cause a popular and profitable product to be unable to be manufactured. For simple components such as resistors and transistors, this is not usually an issue, but for complex integrated circuits, vendors often react by licensing one or more other companies to manufacture and sell the same parts as second sourcing suppliers. While the details of such licenses are usually confidential, they often involve cross-licensing, so that the original company also obtains the right to manufacture and sell parts designed by the second source.


The BTC engineering team can help customers who require connector modification applications or technical assistance for new designs or programs. Our over 31 years of experience in the connector industry can be a valuable resource to assist customers in choosing the right connector for their application - ensuring that the product meets the customers design requirements and reduces costs whenever possible. We can also offer second source assistance for existing designs or products to reduce cost or offer product that is more readily available.

Cross Referencing

BTC can cross over 3,000,000 connector part numbers to find the right part, with the right paperwork, for your application. You can expect nothing but the best from The Connector Experts.

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