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Now Offering c-enx™ EN 4644 Modular Rectangular Connectors

The c-enx® series connectors are ideal for applications with limited space and weight restrictions and are designed for use in a PCB-cable disconnect and in cable-cable disconnect applications.  They are compact, modular and easy to use. Access the locking system design from the back of the shell - space is saved and connectors can be stacked. The same tools and accessories can be used, reducing spare parts. Also a simple assembly by mating the connector on panel with a standard Allen wrench tool.

Data Sheet


Easy to install with a common panel cut-out

  • Simple insert installation and removal from shells
  • Crimp contacts which are inserted and extracted with standard mil spec tools
  • Self-locking threads are vibration resistant

Slim, completely modular and expandable

  • Stackable shells do not require additional space for locking and unlocking connectors
  • <li style="\"margin-left:" 40px;\"=""> Available in aluminum, stainless steel or composite materials