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BTC Offers Value-Added Assembly of EN2997 Environmental Connectors

BTC Electronic Components, Inc. (BTC) - an authorized, stocking and value-added assembly distributor of connectors, interconnect accessories, heat shrink and wire management products – will begin in-house assembly of the J-Tech/Conesys EN2997 K, KE, S and SE classes of stainless steel firewall and high temperature firewall connectors. BTC will stock the components and assemble the connectors to order in shell sizes 8 through 28, while offering two-day assembly turnaround.

The addition of the J-Tech/Conesys EN2997 firewall line expands BTC’s product offering to cover both the high temperature environmental and the Y and YE class of hermetically sealed connectors. BTC has been supplying the Sealtron/HCC Industries EN2997 Y and YE hermetic connectors since 2008 and will now supply mated pairs of plugs and receptacles from stock, placing the company in a very unique position in the marketplace.

EN2997 is a European Association of Aerospace Industries (AECMA) standard for aircraft engine connectors, and is now being utilized in the United States by many engine suppliers. Derived from MIL-DTL-83723 Series III specifications, the EN2997 series offers improved high temperature, shock and vibration resistance combined with interfacial sealing. These environments are typically seen in aircraft engines, landing gear and sensor systems.

Headquartered in Wake Forest, NC, BTC has been a manufacturer authorized distributor of connectors and connector accessories to the aerospace, military, and commercial industries since 1980. Providing extensive mil-aero expertise has enabled BTC to expand into other markets including medical, industrial, network communications, process control, transportation, and heavy equipment.