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BTC Stocks And Builds Application Specific PC Tail Connectors in 48 Hours

BTC Electronic Components (BTC) – a 100% franchised/authorized, stocking and value-added assembly distributor of connectors, backshells and interconnect accessories – is pleased to announce we are stocking and building application specific PC Tail Connectors in 48 hours.

Printed Circuit (PC) Tail contacts provide a cost effective packaging solution for limited space applications where connectors are attached to printed circuit boards (PCB). High reliability is assured with factory pre-assembled contacts used in conjunction with mil-standard approved connectors.

BTC provides circular connectors with PC tail contacts that are ideal for PCB applications with fixed attachments or with flexi print assembly methods.

BTC holds a large inventory of various contact designs and styles, which complements our mil-approved circular connector product ranges including Mil-38999, Mil-26482, Mil-5015 and Mil-83723. 

“The engineering team at BTC has extensive knowledge and expertise in PC tail design,” said Paul Moseley, president and CEO of BTC.  “We can determine a suitable and cost effective solution for our customers’ PCB interconnect requirements.”  

The contact design features available cover, various contact sizes, PC tail diameters and ‘stick out’ lengths to suit their customers’ PCB mounting requirements. When required, PC tails with standoff shoulders are available to assist customers with their PCB mounting needs.

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