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BTC Offers New Lightweight Aluminum Connector from Hermetic Seal Corporation

BTC Electronic Components (BTC - Wake Forest, NC) announced that it’s offering new lightweight aluminum hybrid hermetic connectors from Hermetic Seal Corporation (HSC). HSC – part of Ametek/HCC Interconnect Technologies - is now producing in volume, a lightweight hybrid hermetic connector with weight savings up to 68% over similar stainless steel construction. By combining an aluminum shell, stainless steel inserts and 52 alloy pins provides a true glass-to-metal seal (GTMS) connector.

Current configurations include: MIL-DTL-5015 Class “H” and MIL-DTL-38999 Rev “J”. Other configurations are available based upon specific requirements.

This connector is a good fit for designers looking for weight savings. To date the main application has been on the F-35.

Other notable features about this connector:

  • Testing per MIL-H-28719, Type I; MIL-DTL-5015, Class H Series 1 & 2: and MIL-DTL-38999 Series III Rev “J” per Method 202
  • Insert Arrangements per MIL-STD-1651/1560
  • 168 Hour SO2 Tested per ASTM G85
  • -40 to + 275 F Operating (-65 to +275 F Non-Operating)