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BTC Completes the Defense Contractor Academy

BTC Electronic Components (BTC) is pleased to announce their successful completion of the Defense Contractor Academy.  The Defense Contractor Academy, conducted by the North Carolina Military Business Center (NCMBC), provides training to businesses that is essential to growing their success in the federal marketplace.  Oriented to businesses already engaged in the market, the Academy provides advanced training in business development, competitive processes and federal contracting procedures to help companies grow their federal business. 

“BTC excelled during the Defense Contractor Academy and contributed significantly to its success,” said Scott Dorney, Executive Director of the NCMBC.  “By actively participating and sharing their experience in the federal marketplace, BTC not only gained essential knowledge to grow its own business, but also contributed to the future success of every other business enrolled in the Academy.” 

By actively participating in the program, and attending each of the nine classes offered through the Academy, BTC gained valuable insight and knowledge on how to better market and expand their business to the federal government.

About NCMBC:

The NCMBC is a statewide, business development component of the North Carolina Community College System.  The NCMBC helps existing businesses identify, compete for and win federal contracts – and to grow jobs in North Carolina. One component of the NCMBC’s comprehensive business training program, the Defense Contractor Academy, helps businesses across the state to grow – and grow jobs in North Carolina.