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BTC Expands Value-Added Services with Hot Solder Dipping

BTC Electronic Components, a value-added distributor serving the connector industry, has added lead-tinning to its menu of services.  BTC will provide correct, consistent lead tinning on a JIT basis for customers, avoiding time-consuming and expensive re-tinning of stored components and enhancing COTS connectors to meet the reliability requirements of the military by reflowing plated leads using tin-lead solder.

BTC’s Unit Design ALT 100 automatic tinning machine reaches solder temperatures of

700° F (370° C) allowing for tinning with the majority of lead-free alloys as well. The

ALT 100 features programmable parameters including: flux dwell, pre-heat dwell, solder

set point, solder depth, solder dwell and exit speed to assure consistent quality soldering.

BTC will inspect parts with magnification according to visual quality acceptability

requirements. The automated equipment will minimize the handling of connector

assemblies preventing damage and contamination.


“BTC desires to be a supplier who continues to provide items which meet all performance, compatibility, and reliability requirements for our customers. We are glad

to offer cost-effective solder dipping services to our customers to improve the

performance of our connectors and save customers added cost,” stated Bob Barnett,

President of BTC Electronic Components.


About BTC Electronic Components

BTC Electronic Components is a worldwide authorized stocking distributor of military,

aerospace, commercial and medical connectors. BTC can provide custom assembly,

modification of standard components, customized packaging solutions, technical support to engineers, application specific design as well as standard value-added services including: just-in-time delivery, bar coding and EDI.


For more information on BTC Electronic Components, please visit the Web site at

http://www.btcelectronics.com. You may also contact the BTC Electronics Marketing

Department at 919-556-8900; via mail at 2709 Connector Drive, Wake Forest, NC

27587; or e-mail at msanders@btcelectronics.com.


BTC Electronic Components, Inc. is an ISO9001:2000, AS9120, and MIL-STD-790

certified value-added supplier of connectors, connector accessories, and heat shrink

products to the military/aerospace, industrial, medical, telecommunications and process

control markets.