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BTC Earns 100% Performance Record

BTC Electronic Components reports a track record of consistently earning 100% quality and on-time delivery ratings from 99.98% of our customers. This report is based on monthly, quarterly and rolling performance reports provided by our customers and also on responses to BTC’s satisfaction surveys.

"We value the long-term relationships of loyalty and trust that we have with our customers and we are pleased to be achieving their performance goals. A few years ago, BTC adopted the “Good to Great” philosophy of Jim Collins. Our goal is to be a great supplier by minimizing total cost for our customers. We do this by providing the highest level of service, product quality, on-time delivery and by constantly improving every process,” stated Robert Barnett, President of BTC.

“The real value of BTC is realized by companies who take a total cost of acquisition approach to supplier selection and who measure suppliers by overall performance to goals, not just initial purchase price,” added Barnett.

In this tough economy, BTC is taking steps to become an even more valued supplier to our customers. “Our service sets us apart from other distributors. We strive for a one-hour response on requests for quote. And our response and support doesn’t stop there.

We want to make sure our customers are happy with every aspect of doing business with BTC,” stated Robert Barnett.

As a small business, BTC can offer flexibility in developing long term agreements and delivery schedules. Push-outs and pull-ins can be easily coordinated. As a specialty distributor of connectors, BTC’s level of expertise is valuable in helping correct part numbers, find second source alternatives to reduce cost or improve lead time, and especially in design assistance for new or retrofit projects. BTC can recommend a standard connector or design the best solution for the application for long life and long¬term cost improvement.