Comtronic is a German manufacturer that develops, prototypes, and produces electromechanical components. The MicroCom line meets the need for ultra-miniature, high reliable connectors that can be assembled simply and rapidly. The design concept makes possible special features and pre-assembled parts that assure the user of simple, rapid and economical assembly. The coaxial connectors require only a single operation to attach the connector and cable.

MicroCom Series Ultra Miniature Connectors Brochure

MicroCom Series 7-Way Plug & Receptacle

CMR Series:
- Circular goldplated connector
- Coaxial with 10/32 thread for different RG cable sizes
- 2,3,4,7 and 12-way, up to 20 way on request
- IP 50 and IP 67
- Guiding key
- Numerous shell variants
- Diameter 7,5 mm
- Shielding crimped
- Wire size up to AWG28
- NEW AWG 22 in 3-position

CMRM Series:
- Miniaturization of the CMR Series
- Diameter 5,4 mm
- Wire size up to AWG 32
- Cable up to 2,7 mm overall diameter
- Shielding crimped
- Max. current 3 Amp

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