Comtronic is a German manufacturer that develops, prototypes, and produces electromechanical components. The MicroCom line meets the need for ultra miniature, high reliable connectors that can be assembled simply and rapidly. The design concept makes possible special features and pre-assembled parts that assure the user of simple, rapid and economical assembly. The coaxial connectors require only a single operation to attach the connector and cable.

MicroCom Series Ultra Miniature Connectors Brochure

MicroCom Series 7-Way Plug & Receptacle

CMR Series:
- Circular goldplated connector
- Coaxial with 10/32 thread for different RG cable sizes
- 2,3,4,7 and 12-way, up to 20 way on request
- IP 50 and IP 67
- Guiding key
- Numerous shell variants
- Diameter 7,5 mm
- Shielding crimped
- Wire size up to AWG28
- NEW AWG 22 in 3-position

CMRM Series:
- Miniaturization of the CMR Series
- Diameter 5,4 mm
- Wire size up to AWG 32
- Cable up to 2,7 mm overall diameter
- Shielding crimped
- Max. current 3 Amp

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