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With more than 60 years, proven experience Sealtron is an expert in Glass-to-Metal sealing and dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of circular hermetically sealed connectors. Our lines include Qualified Products Listing (QPL) in the US as well as EN2997 & ESC10 in Europe.

MIL-C-5015In addition to our Military & Aerospace product, Sealtron also manufactures Commercial and Industrial connectors designed to meet your sensor needs.

These high-reliability products are supplied with Stainless Steel body and Gold Plated contacts, to function under extreme corrosive or ambient conditions.

Other features include: Air & Gas Tight Seal ; Wide Temperature Ranges ; High Insulation Resistance ; Continuous Dielectric Separation ; Moisture Resistant ; Fixed Contacts, no added assembly cost – Ready to use.

At Sealtron, our mission is to connect with our Customer through superior Quality and Service

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 Sealtron Hermetic 8000 Series (Commercial Equivalent to MIL-C-5015) 

 Sealtron Hermetic 8100 Series (Commercial Equivalent to MIL-C-26482) 

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